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Business Profile: JOIE

JOIE by JW runs in the production and operation process all the way until the distribution process. We carefully select all the high-quality ingredients, processed in detail homemade by our trusted oat milk makers, packed and wrapped tidily to be delivered by our distribution partner Go Food.

In developing the business, several parties may be involved which are owner, supplier, vendor, customer, delivery partner, and competitors. Each party plays different role and important towards the growth of this business, as business owner we need to be ready for any sudden change in the market and adapt quickly for the business to keep on going.

Healthy lifestyle is continued to be enforced nowadays since many people miss the organic, no artificial, no preservatives, non-dairy, and non-added sugar nutrition. All of these healthy criteria can be found in oat milk, but unfortunately the making isn’t as easy as making ice milo, not only pouring instant powder with water. We need detailed processing to achieve the best quality of oat milk. That is why JOIE by JW provides simplicity to people who have no time to make oat milk daily, our oat milk also consists of various taste and functionality. So that the consumer wouldn’t be bored with 1 regular taste every day, also consumer can adjust their own priorities to be achieved in drinking oat milk based on its flavor & function.

This company brand name is JOIE by JW. Joie is a French word for Joy, aligned with the name meaning of the owner, Jovita, which means happiness. JW is the initial name of the owner, Jovita Wibowo. So, JOIE by JW could mean Happiness by Jovita Wibowo, the owner hope that the product could spread happiness towards everyone involved, starts from the supplier, the maker, the staff, the buyer, as well as the consumer.

The entrepreneur of JOIE by JW is President University student batch 2015 graduating soon from Business Administration with Entrepreneurship as concentration. JW is the initial name of Jovita Wibowo. The entrepreneur partner with young people which has leadership and entrepreneurship capability to be trusted in handling each region as well as become the supervisor in production and operation process. Of course, those young people need to embody the 4 values of Passion, Integrity, Commitment, and Innovation.

In this term, our product targeted segment is for the age 17 – 40 years old. Because that’s the most user of smartphone, in this term is Gojek and Grab, so they most likely able to make decision in purchasing. Although our range of product are also for kids, but they aren’t the decision maker in buying, moreover it’s online marketplace platform. So we put the segment that way, for them who most likely to be having the ability yet to purchase the 30ish beverages online.

Our product is a guaranteed natural and organic made from special rolled oat, which couldn’t be bought in the common market. The advantage of this product is that dairy products are packed with clean and neat packaging. dairy products with the best additional ingredients that can be adjusted to the consumer’s preference who want to live healthy. In addition, one package of 250 ml oat milk with an ergonomic bottle make it easy to be held by an adult hand as well as children hand.

We have in total 5 different flavor to satisfy customer’s needs. First one is Regular Oatmilk, this is the most basic formula for the basic people, everybody could drink this one and it is also the cheapest of all. It tastes like drinking plain milk even the thickness texture is close, just this time with no sensation of cow aroma.

The second one is youngster’s favorite, because nowadays so many type and way of diet is become trending among the youth. From the famous mayo diet, keto diet, and others. Our second product is called the No Bloat Oat, with the function of fat burning and meal replacement, this time we added several secret premium ingredients to help boost up the metabolism and burn the fats in the body.

The third one is still related to the second, which is Detoxifoat, from the word detoxing, just as the name this oat milk functions as a detox to our body. Maybe we unconsciously exposed to free radicals and eat or drink junk food which our body won’t like, so this oat milk help the body to detox it with the none other special ingredients of charcoal powder. Of  course we are using the premium charcoal powder to maximize the efficiency. Despite the black trend, the founder think that it is going to be unique as well as benefiting if we infuse the oat with charcoal as our main blend so voila, the taste similar to the regular oat milk but have slightly different texture, it’s a bit sandy because of the powder.

Next is Kiddy oat, the very helping product for mommies and daddies whose children are allergic to formula milk because of the dairy or cow milk inside. Since the soy milk is not as thick and milky as oat milk, we are making the ultimate oat milk for baby starts from 6 months. So the parents have more choice in giving the best for the babies when the baby have certain condition or so, because it is 100% safe for baby.

The last one is our so called noble product because this help mommies who is currently breastfeed the babies, in Indonesia usually we call them ASI fighter, and we are supporting the moms very dearly because this is what the founder also passionate about. Basically the regular oat milk itself has already contained an impact to boost up breast milk production. But since we like to maximize the benefit, we create a variant of ASI booster for mommies to sort of “fight” in giving the best for their children. This variant is called Oat Mommy, so we differentiate by the consumer for the previous one is Oat Kiddy.

JOIE by JW milk promotion is done mostly with marketing through social media. As for electronic promotion is going to be endorsement with several food vlogger and influencer in instagram also youtube. Then we collaborate with Go Food and Grab Food to make delivery fee discount and vouchers spreading on special occasion.

We also allocate money for endorsement to educate the maket. Because we are just a starting company, we endorse with the small amount of followers first, and move into a bigger one. We also put the advertisement through instagram advertisement utilizing its artificial intelligence technology which detect the people’s interest, as well as the targeted area so we could do branding even better. Here is our first, second, and third year of the promotion budget that we set for JOIE by JW.

We also conduct product knowledge live through instagram to spread more engagement with the people, through live stream, people could also ask question and owner can answer directly. Also cast question feature through instagram also, we ensure that candidates know well why oat, what are the benefit and what variant suit best with them.

Our production flow is very basic, starting from the suppliers who deliver raw materials for making JOIE by JW. Then into the manufacturing processes in our Jakarta as central production point, as the supervisor is placed in Jakarta too, the quality assurance also be done there. Next our admin staff with pack everything nicely because our product is kind of fragile, make sure no leakage and wrapped tightly to maintain the freshness, because it soon be outdated if we let it 5 hours in normal temperature.

So our storage is the key thing we can’t live without, the freezer  help lengthen our expiration date by 3 days, so we  directly put it in freezer. To make sure our customer always get the freshest product, we deliver in the frozen condition, so the client could estimate themselves whether they want to enjoy right away or enjoy later or even tomorrow, just make sure the client not forget about the temperature rules. Then move to shipping part, we simply take care from the Go Food and Grab Food orders, we didn’t do the delivery by ourselves, instead we share profit with those platform.

JOIE by JW is implementing standard operating procedure or SOP which has the objective of providing instructions for all personnel involved inside the company. SOP could also be a tool of that control and record which measure the quality, environment and occupational health and safety etc.

So here is the general procedures in our company:

  1. Any manufacturing activities need to be done properly based on the instructions and the directions which are available in the rules and regulations. All of the organization members should follow the standard of JOIE by JW. 
  2. All of the company members get directions from the responsible person and  be educated based on their job description clearly. Besides, training and introduction to use the manufacturing tools and packaging in a proper way.
  3. If there is any issue, the person in charge should make a report to the CEO/Owner to get the solution in advance so that decision could be made just in time.

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