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Business Profile: Pempek Nyuko

Pempek Nyuko was established in October 2017 and has been running online for 9 months. The main product is small pempek with 3 variants and big pempek with 2 variants. Pempek Nyuko has been selling directly tocustomers through online platforms and inner social circle but while running, there is another business model that the owner thinks can boost sales and branding of Pempek Nyuko.

Pempek Nyuko offers a business opportunity with no capital, no inventory, and low operational cost in the food industry. Pempek Nyuko provides high quality and well packed pempek with a tested recipe originated from Palembang, South Sumatra. Pempek Nyuko focuses on drop shipping, so our partners do not need to hustle in production and shipping, but can get profit from sales. 

Pempek Nyuko is a food supplier company based in Tangerang, which business focuses on supplying South Sumatra iconic culinary with high quality. Pempek Nyuko offers pempek made by fresh ingredients and free from any coloring and preservative substance, packed in vacuum packaging to naturally preserve the taste and freshness of the pempek. For the first year of business, Pempek Nyuko  focus on the common pempek menu.

Pempek Nyuko itself has been tested running for 9 months but focused on selling to the customer, until one day there is one customer who bought Pempek Nyuko to be resold, this particular customer then repeats the order every month. The owner – Tania Jovani then see a bigger opportunity in brand and productivity growth with this business model. Not only that but with this idea, others can start their business too and get profit.

Brand Name. The logo has the brand name which is Pempek Nyuko with the word ‘Nyuko’ bigger and in a different font to emphasize on the actual brand name since the word ‘Pempek’ is only a sign on the brand’s product. The name Nyuko came from the word cuko which is the pempek sauce and the unique way of Palembang people savoring cuko by not only dipping but also slurping the cuko.

Iconic Picture. The picture in Pempek Nyuko logo is a hand holding two forks with pempek (adaan and lenjer) that has already bitten. The number of forks and pempek in the logo represent the two founders, Tania Jovani and her brother who was supportive of her idea and helped a lot in the early run of Pempek Nyuko. The variant of pempek which are adaan and lenjer was chosen because those are the favorite pempek variants of the founders.

Slogan. The slogan in the logo is in the Indonesian Language with Palembang dialect “La nyuko belom hari ni?” which means “Have you nyuko (have pempek with cuko) today?”. This slogan was formed as an invitation in form of a question, because if you have not hadpempek today, then you should go have some.

Main Color. The color Red is chosen to be the main color of the logo with a darker shade to give a classy look. It is picked as an expression of prosperity from the believe of Chinese culture and the red color is believed to increase appetite and used in many food brands.

Pempek Nyuko was founded by Tania Jovani, whose family was from Palembang, South Sumatra where pempek was originally from and has been running different kinds of businesses in over 20 years. The education background is Business Administration where the entrepreneurial spirit has been implanted from the campus and form strong motivations for her to build her own business. The experience living in Java Island especially Jakarta and West Java, finding good quality pempek that taste like in Palembang is really hard and really expensive which she sees as an opportunity since she has her family recipe for pempek. She has run Pempek Nyuko while studying at President University for 9 months through online platforms and her social circle. Through this experience, she gains positive feedback about the taste and sees another business model that can help her grow her business and help others that shares her entrepreneurial spirit.

Pempek Nyuko comes in vacuum packaging to protect the product and allows the product to last longer. The package contains different pempekvariants which are adaan, kapal selam kecil, and lenjer. Other than those small pempek variants, Pempek Nyuko also offers kapal selam besar and lenjer besar.Pempek Nyuko’s pempek is made from fresh gabus and tenggiri fish and sagu tani which then mixed and given flavor, while Pempek Nyuko’s cuko is made from gula merah batok, vinegar, chili, and garlic.

Pempek Nyuko has a multi-sided customer, first is people who eat pempek and second is people who want to be the reseller of Pempek Nyuko, the customer is more focused on the second side which is the reseller. Both these sides are expected to come from people who live or currently in Indonesia, internet user, online shopper, and a food lover. For the second side which is people who want to be a reseller is focused on people in the age 18-50 years old, has an occupation as housewives and students, and want to gain profit from online selling without capital. 

Pempek Nyuko’s value propositions for both customer segments are: high quality product with selected ingredients, no preservatives, great packaging with vacuum sealer, and most importantly great recipe; can be shipped to other cities with one day delivery to have broad market potential; and pempek catering service for party, gathering, etc. as snacks for guests. Another value that is given for the second side customer or the reseller is focused on drop shipping where people can have a business without capital and stocks.

Pempek Nyuko’s key activities are: production is to maintain the product stock and make sure that the product shipped has passed quality check; marketing is to promote the product and make market aware of the values that the product is offering both for reseller and values for end customer, this activity  be done through the channels and make sure it reaches the targeted market; and branding is to show the business trustworthiness to the market and make the market aware of the brand.

A key partnership is the parties that are important for the business to run well and grow. In a food business, the quality of the ingredients are really important since it determines the product quality and taste, in Pempek Nyuko the most important ingredient is the fish hence the right fish supplier is the most important key partner. The next key partner is production personnel who are experienced in making pempek, the recipe  be from Pempek Nyuko but these production personnels  help in shaping and processing the ingredients. These two key partnerships above are for both reseller and end customer. Other key partners since Pempek Nyuko is focusing on reseller, housewives and other people who want to start a business without capital. Pempek Nyuko focuses more on housewives because the customer can be reached better by women who have a family since they are more often to buy food for their family.

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