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Healthy Kitchen Food

Healthy Kitchen Food is a business that has been running for nine months and has a production location in Cikarang. Healthy Kitchen Food is engaged in catering food by specializing in serving food for a healthy lifestyle and diet program. Healthy Kitchen Food aims to provide healthy food for office workers who do not have much time to prepare or even find food for themselves. But have different, Healthy Kitchen Food is catering Indonesian Healthy Food. For menu from Indonesian. This is also one of Healthy Kitchen Food visions, which to preserve Indonesian food in the current era.

The marketing method used by The Healthy Kitchen Food is through digital marketing, currently Healthy Kitchen Food has an official account on Instagram, a website and an email address for ordering products. Healthy Kitchen Food product marketing focuses on online marketing, this strategy is used to reach several companies that are not only located in Cikarang and registered with some Healthy Kitchen Food customers there are from Deltamas, Cibitung, and Bekasi and not infrequently Healthy Kitchen Food gets orders from Jakarta.

Healthy Kitchen Food expand its business by releasing healthy foods with packages available as well as in several campus activities. Healthy Kitchen Food also provides packaged food with side dishes made from home or homemade, and provides special treats for families on weekends and opening cafeterias in the Cikarang area.

Food industry doesn’t have to be doubted anymore. The variety of food that is served always develop along with the current trend. However, not all food served has good health benefits. In this modernization era it has been noted that 75 percent of urban Indonesians say they to have a healthier diet in 2017. That percentage continue to go up from year to year.

Based on this and the large and enthusiasm of the community for healthy food, running a healthy food business is a good choice.

A healthy lifestyle is a resolution that many Indonesians aspire to, and not a few of them have applied it to their daily lives. This makes the percentage of healthy lifestyle in Indonesia tend to increase and it has been noted that during 2017-2018 purchases of health products such as food and vitamins have almost quadrupled. Now there are not a few cafeterias that serve healthy food, but unfortunately, the cafeteria is only available in big cities and cannot reach other areas such as Cikarang.

Based on the problems that have been outlined, Healthy Kitchen Food is present as one of the solutions and innovations by combining human primary namely food and a healthy lifestyle that is becoming a trend in today’s society. Healthy Kitchen Food is a food catering product that aims to support community programs in caring for personal health.

Healthy Kitchen Food business located in Jababeka Area, it also closes to Lippo Cikarang, Meikarta area, a location providing extremely high prospect of customers, which are office workers. The CEO of Healthy Kitchen Food, Murina Anas Tassia already has cooking experience because her parents have a catering business because that she became a production and operational HOD. Besides that, there are still 2 people in the healthy kitchen food team namely Roby Sagara Putra who became HOD Marketing. His expertise in the marketing world he got when studying at Umar Usman Business School and has got a digital marketing degree. Most recently Fiya Fauha Umaima, a Human Resource Management student, was a HOD of Financial and HR because of her expertise in calculating and analyzing individuals. Initial

supply inventory for Healthy Kitchen Food mainly purchased from local farmers or suppliers organic.

Healthy Kitchen Food was founded in 2018 in Cikarang, West Java. Healthy Kitchen Food is a catering food product that serves healthy food according to the calories needed by its customers, with digital marketing-based marketing. Initially, Healthy Kitchen Food did not have its own production house or its own cafeteria, so the production activities of this business

took place in one of the group members’ residences, starting from preparing food ingredients, cooking food, and food delivery processes.

Healthy Kitchen Food plans to expand the business by working with Go-food and releasing new products such as dessert or packaged foods made from home or homemade, providing special treats for families on weekends and opening cafeterias in the Cikarang region. In other fields Healthy Kitchen Food to have plantations and farms where raw materials come from plantations and livestock itself in order to maintain superior food quality. Not only for the production of catering food but Healthy Kitchen Food also sell agricultural and livestock products to the community. The plantations that Healthy Kitchen Food work on use the hydroponic system because Healthy Kitchen Food to be more environmentally friendly, save land use, and be free of pesticides.

Healthy Kitchen Food’s flagship product is a healthy lunch and dinner package with a variety of Nusantara dishes. In one box, customers can experience a variety of food tastes and Healthy Kitchen Food provides 2 variants of packages that can be chosen by customers, namely Healthy Living Packages for those who are not on a diet program but to try a healthy lifestyle or are implementing a lifestyle healthy and Diet Package for those who are undergoing their diet program. 

Because customers usually look for medium quality healthy food at competitive prices at the same time, this business focuses on using materials from farmers or local suppliers. Ingredients for cooking products that are used by Healthy Kitchen Food are provided by fresh vegetable vendors in collaboration with this business and from markets that provide clean food in the Cikarang area. Healthy Kitchen Food also provides a different menu every day to avoid the boredom felt by customers.

Keys to Success

  1. Provide high quality foods with guaranteed sanitation
  2. Use brochures to spread awareness in Healthy Kitchen Food target market
  3. Develop customer incentive and loyalty programs to leverage customer relationships and create positive word of mouth
  4. Becoming one of the pioneers of catering by using a variety of menus from Indonesia in order to remain able to live a healthy lifestyle by inviting the public, especially customers, to raise awareness of self-health and not just choosing food.
  5. Help those who are now living a healthy lifestyle or are running a diet program by serving foods that are in accordance with the calories they .
  6. Provide education about food calories in the appearance of Healthy Kitchen Food products
  7. Preserving Indonesian food in the current era

Location and Facility Management. In terms of location, Healthy Kitchen Food a space for Healthy Kitchen Food. Healthy Kitchen Food reliable power source because most of Healthy Kitchen Food appliances use electricity as source. Healthy Kitchen Food kitchen working space like countertop and storage area to store the stuffs.

Production methods. Healthy Kitchen Food produce Healthy Kitchen Food products with batch methods. The work is like Healthy Kitchen Food prep the ingredients around as many as Healthy Kitchen Food orders, then Healthy Kitchen Food cook it in batches so the quality still be maintained.

  1. Preparation Stage. This stage is the initial stage of making food. At this stage Healthy Kitchen Food prepare all the necessary equipment and ingredients to make the dishes needed to make a food that is suitable with the menu on that day.
  2. Production Phase. This stage is the stage of food production in which all food ingredients that have been prepared are then processed into food that is ready to eat. At this stage consists of three processes, namely: Clean and Cut ingredients. In this process, Healthy Kitchen Food clean all cooking ingredients and cut them before cooking. Cook food. In this process, Healthy Kitchen Food began to cook the desired dishes on that day by using the necessary ingredients and spices. Finishing. In this process, Healthy Kitchen Food prepare food for package and provide additional accents as garnishes.
  3. Packaging Phase. At this stage, Healthy Kitchen Food prepare packaging from Healthy Kitchen Food, make it like a box shape, prepare cutlery such as spoons and forks, prepare tissue, stick calorie food info paper into a food box, then place the food in the provided food container, and beside the box Healthy Kitchen Food attach order form so that the delivery man is easy to deliver the food.
  4. Stage Delivery. So that Healthy Kitchen Food customers can receive their food on time, Healthy Kitchen Food have Healthy Kitchen Food personal shipping staff and Healthy Kitchen Food charge Healthy Kitchen Food customers depending on distance. Food delivered Monday-Friday, starting at 11am – 2pm.
  5. Customer Service. The main customers of Healthy Kitchen Food are office workers who are located in companies around Cikarang, but Healthy Kitchen Food also have customers from students and lecturers at President University. Healthy Kitchen Food customers have so far been satisfied with the service and food products Healthy Kitchen Food provide, not even a few of them are Healthy Kitchen Food loyal customers. The customer service Healthy Kitchen Food provide in the form of fast response, easy and careful product ordering by filling out forms and communicating directly with us in the food delivery process, because Healthy Kitchen Food deliver customer food in accordance with customer requests, friendly and always listen to criticism and suggestions from customers. 

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