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Business Profile: DAZZLE

DAZZLE is apparel store focus on young women who is approximately 19 – 24 years old. DAZZLE is become an alternatives for the young women who are difficult to find an exclusive quality with the lower price and the availibility of the product. The product is produce by Indonesia independent local brand in Jakarta area. DAZZLE trying to gather the independent local brand to get closer and get real to their customer then expand their market. More than 15 brands  work together with a similar target market in DAZZLE and have an uniqueness in each product to be sold. The product that DAZZLE sell is clothing, shoes, bag and accessories such as earring.

DAZZLE is apparel store based in Jakarta that focuses on young women apparel. Dazzle idea for Indonesian local brand is to become marketplace for Indonesian local brand to sell and expose their product to the market. The concept focus on independent local brand who are already have a good market that has its own loyal customers and also well known in social media such as website and Instagram. Thus, DAZZLEgives an opportunity to Indonesian local brand focus on women apparel to get closer to their customers through DAZZLE store. For the local brands that work together with DAZZLE  get more benefit like the exposure of their brand from DAZZLE’s promotion, website, events, and others activity. The local brand can know about the young women fashion update in Jakarta because they can closer to the customers and also to the competitors. They know more the strategic to attract the customers to compete with others local brands. 

DAZZLE help the Indonesia independent local brands to sell their product via offline store in DAZZLE for which brand that have not in the offline store yet. In the future, DAZZLE expects not only to become retailer for woman clothing brand, but also want to establish own clothing line, which also marketed through DAZZLE. For the customer they can see the visual of the product in DAZZLE store and after knowing the customers that hard to get the product they want via online so DAZZLE  offer more the availability of the product stock, and  give some promotions if they buy directly in the DAZZLE store. DAZZLE  offer more the quantity of clothing product  instead of bag or shoes & sandals or accessories. So there  be many clothing brand that work together with DAZZLE rather than shoes & sandals or bags or accessories local brands. As a unique fashion retail that carry an independent Indonesian local brand to contribute introduce a uniqueness of fashion in Indonesia focus on women apparel.

Amanda Widiana, one of Business Administration students in President University, founds DAZZLE. The opportunities that exist in fashion retail Indonesia where Indonesia local brand can compete with international brand. Many local brands that have been selling their products abroad and have a lot of Indonesian designers have a loyal customers from others country. Therefore this is an opportunity to open a fashion retail store that is filled with independent local brand Indonesia where they already have a loyal customer in their online store via Instagram or their website. I as a women business build a place where the independent local brand of Indonesia can easy to get closer with theirs loyal customer so their customers can easy to get their product and the customer know the visual product by their brand. With this DAZZLE can introduce the uniqueness of Indonesia local brand specialty in women apparel, with a unique interior design store, which  be different from other stores at Mall. In this store DAZZLE  be very pay attention about the interior of the store to make people who pass through DAZZLE store  wondering what is in the store and not only that DAZZLE also really consider to what products to be sold in the store.

DAZZLE  offer the customer with a unique style from an independent local brand, DAZZLE  always update with the fashion style in the era. A style that DAZZLE offer is a casual trendy chic style that has a unique style in every piece of the clothing that DAZZLE sell.

Not only unique but DAZZLE also consider the comfortable by using DAZZLE brand’s product and more the availability of the stock. To makes all the visitors comfort while they are looking around at the store DAZZLE  set the interior of the store by good ambience, music, and decoration by DAZZLE store style is tropical style. DAZZLE bring a tropical vibes in the DAZZLE’s store to makes the customers feel like different when they are entering DAZZLE’s store. By a good lighting, music, and also the employee in the store, which  help and serve the visitors who come to DAZZLE store.

According to DAZZLE customer segment is focusing on young women clothing thus are millennial young women and dynamic women. Approximately 19 – 24 years old. Dynamic women here are women that enthusiast with fashion, and update with fashion style in the era also women that interest with the uniqueness of the style.

Doing business in this era cannot be denied DAZZLE need social media and website to promote DAZZLE store and to facilitate the customer, even though DAZZLE have an offline store. In the website DAZZLE decided not to sell the product in the website to make customers visit DAZZLE store, so the website is only to check the stock in the store, price, and the information of the product. In others side, DAZZLE prefer to sell the product on the Instagram and not only that DAZZLE also promote the store on Instagram, DAZZLE always update the newest product and the availability that DAZZLE have by Instagram, and also on Twitter. Nowadays people are happy with kind of promotion and discount. DAZZLE must have Instagram to promote and make the brand awareness about DAZZLE store brand and also the twitter to help, for the example likes giving information about the product that DAZZLE sell.

Not only promote the store by Instagram, twitter and the website. DAZZLE also  be held a bazar to attract and give information to DAZZLE’s market segment. In the bazar DAZZLE  make collaboration with some independent local brand that already has a work with DAZZLE to sell their product in DAZZLE’s store.

To have a good relationship with the customers, DAZZLE manage the relationship with the customer by provide some attribute, there are;

  1. Member Card

DAZZLE provide a member card to maintain the relationship between DAZZLE and the customer. The member card  be given by DAZZLE free if the customer purchased at the store minimal IDR 500,000, the card  be free given by DAZZLE. If there is a customer want to make a member card but they are less than IDR 500,000 purchased, the customer  be charge IDR 100,000/member card. The terms and conditions usually applied  be asked the resident’s card number, full name, year of birth, home address, email address, and the phone number.

  • Voucher

By doing promotion in the retail store, nowadays voucher is really useful to attract the customer to come and buy the product. The voucher  be give if there are some events in DAZZLE store. For the example like Valentine’s Day, DAZZLE  give a voucher. The term and conditions are applied for the example like the customer can get a Voucher IDR 200.000 if minimal purchased at IDR 500.000 and they have to share a photo on Instagram wearing a DAZZLE product and then with the hastag #VALENTINEWITHDAZZLE. That example can be used as one of the term and conditions if the customer wants get a voucher.

  • Website

According to DAZZLE’s channel, website is only for the information about the product detail, availability and kind of promotion of the store. DAZZLE still need this kind of website to make the customers easy know the product and the promotion.

The key partners of DAZZLE business are comes from all the local brand clothing, shoes, bag, and accessories and also web developer. All local brand DAZZLE select them from the product that DAZZLE sell its match or not with DAZZLE theme, which is casual trendy chic style. Casual trendy chic style means DAZZLE keep up with the fashion in the era but still casual and chic in style. For the shoes DAZZLE determined by see the product per catalog that they send to DAZZLE merchandiser. It’s same for clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. The determinant is not only comes from the product but DAZZLE select the independent local brand by looking the followers from their account Instagram, the feeds, their likes per photo in their feeds also be determined by DAZZLE. The key partners is also from the web developer, which is really important to make the website of DAZZLE store is useful, so the website  be update about the product information and also the promotion of the DAZZLE store.

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