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Business Profile: Winwash

Winwash is a specialized, premium dry cleaning and a laundry service that uses digital technology, which is online based as Winwash business platform. Winwash manage the customer from front to end. Winwash do the complimentary pick up and deliver up to the cleaning process. To make customers happy is Winwash responsibility. For instance, Winwash use scented and hypoallergenic detergent that is needed for customer preference, such as detergent with free of harsh chemicals, toxins, and fragrances. 

Winwash also give customer fifty percent of their clothes price guarantee for every losses and the damage of their laundry to make customer secure. Other than that, the necessities of every people time to time grows gradually, so people  busier to earn a living. Hence, Winwash provide complimentary pickup and delivery services. Winwash collaborate with people who have their own motorbike / car vehicles to do the pick up and deliver the laundry to Winwash customers. These are good opportunities for people who want to get extra money. Drivers get benefits according to their level of performance. 

Besides, the transparence approach provided by on demand platform to make customers feel secure of their garments. Case on point, Winwash use website and mobile application for customers to order the laundry services. Customer could easily schedule up their laundry time and the garment that they want to laundry from website or Winwash mobile application itself. In particular, customer can track the laundry that send it to their email and could see it on their mobile application. So customers know the process of their laundry and how long it would take. With all these systems, Winwash hopes to give convenient, efficiency and also possess satisfy service.  

This logo shows washing machine as symbolist of Winwash industry and the color is blue. Blue is color of the sky and sea, it is invokes trust, reliability loyalty, Winwash hope that Winwash services  strong like the color itself. Meanwhile, name “win” on the top of the washing machine represent that Winwash provide fast and giving high quality services.

The first Winwash Company is located in Bintaro to do the operation. Winwash has laundry installation to do the laundry operation as Winwash physical assets. Other than that, there are plenty of Winwash personnel such as IT engineer who help to develop and do maintenance of Winwash application and website, also Winwash technology activity. Operation division  the one who operate the laundry services in Winwash warehouse.

The main activity of Winwash  focus on Recruiting employee and drivers partner to do pick up and delivery. Case of point, the drivers partner online hiring process  through website, drivers register and attached their curriculum vitae on the website. The company review their curriculum vitae and the qualified drivers  call to interview after it until the drivers are accepted. There also direct approach hiring process by persuades Winwash friends to become Winwash partners. From September 2017, Winwash has approach two drivers to pick up and delivery on Winwash pre start the business. 

After that there  employees training for give the best services. Employees training is done using On-the-Job Training (OJT) method, which is the training / learning process received by the employee while actually doing the job. The advantage of this method is relatively low cost, efficient in time and energy, employees can learn while generating job output, and employees apply the concept of learning by doing directly given feedback based on work performance, so that the learning process occurs continuously and repeatedly, which allows employees to understand in more depth. At this stage, the new employee is has a period of one month trial. 

The third main activity is maintenance the application and website. Maintenance is important because it still big possibility crashed of the internal or external and also difficulty of some customers in access the website or application. For example, customers still confuse how to register. 

Winwash giving on demand laundry platform for people who needs to clean their garments. Efficiency. Because in this era mostly people are busy with their job and work overtime. They do not have time just only for take care their garments. They choose instant way in everything to helping them, included laundry service. So Winwash want to help them by simplify their life. Case in point, Winwash in progress to give people access to use Winwash website and application from their phone to order and pick schedule for their laundry time. Insignificantly, customer can do another important activity and do not have to spare time to visit laundry places. 

Go Green. Winwash want to reduce the global warming. So, Winwash use eco-friendly detergent & bag, and also Winwash use e-invoice that sends it to customer email after the laundry done to reduce the paper waste. Reliable. Winwash have the timely notification system as customer laundry tracker, such as the report customer’s laundry process through customer email. 

As a company that runs the business into service industry, Winwash should give excellent service and also have a good engagement with customers. Hence, the engagement  develop with the promotion that Winwash do through offline, such as direct promotion and online through social media. So, Winwash could communicate directly to the customers. In the case, Winwash develop the engagement by social media and customer care, whereas customers could give their opinion and suggestion about Winwash through comment, call or email. Then, customer also could subscribe us through website to get the information and promotion of Winwash services. In addition, by subscribe us, they could follow Winwash discussion (blog) about the story, tips and tricks how to take care about the garments, fabrics and laundry. The discussion publish twice a week on Wednesday and Friday. The other hand, there  a membership, such as E-payment that  on Winwash mobile application. Winwash focus on niche markets, which are middle – upper class ages around 19 – 35, such as university students and business man/woman, socialite peoples. 

Channel could one of media to deliver value proposition from a service or product. There are three types of marketing channels that usually use to grab the target market, which are communication channels, distribution channels and service channels. As Winwash service channel there  mobile application as the platform for customers to access Winwash services. The prototype still in finishing design, after it is done Winwash submit to the apple store and play store. Distribution channels that Winwash uses is passive advertising, such as vehicles advertising and also offline marketing such as do partnership with other company to promote the business by open booth in that company itself. 

Whereas Winwash do some promotions to the markets 30 days before it is launch with share the information of Winwash. In particular, Winwash share it on social media such as Instagram and Facebook as one of communication that usually use by peoples nowadays to found out information of online platform. At this moment, Winwash already did the promotion through website that share information of Winwash services and from that website people could start subscribe to Winwash newsletter.

In the following below are media promotion that use by Winwash : Facebook, Google & Instagram Ads. Nowadays, digital is phenomenal and one of the biggest growth in Indonesia. Winwash implement facebook ads, google ads and Instagram ads to grab users around Jakarta & Tanggerang area. Direct Approach. Direct and personal approaches are for university student and workers.Winwash start by approaching the owner and employees family and friends related. Winwash cannot deny the magic of word of mouth cause of that it is included in direct promotion method. Company also wills partnership with other company like EV Hive to open booth or offline promotion. Vehicles Advertising. Vehicle advertising it is quite interesting to promote the business, because mostly people are spend their time on the road and see the advertisement. In this case, Winwash try to cooperate with the vehicle advertising vendor to promote Winwash, such as cooperate with nomaden advertise company.

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