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Business Profile: OneFourThree

OneFourThree is the clothing business that the design is come from the customers. Cloths is the main needs of human daily needs, people needs cloths just like they need foods. There are already a lot of clothing brand with various of design, people have so much choices but few freedom. OneFourThree  give their customers a freedom to make their own cloths, theres is no limitation for the design and also  helping the customers to develop their design. OneFourThree also have its own design, so the brand can be known for all people.

The process takes 1 to 2 days, depending on the number of its reservations and the design. And OneFourThree deliver the order directly to the buyer’s home or other destination that the buyers specify. And the customers can order through social media, they don’t need to go directly to store but have the store in Ciracas if they want discuss their design with us. OneFourThree also developing a web site for customers to make their design online and so that can discussed about the design in everywhere.

This logo is combining the three numbers as the company name, one four and three. One four three means “i love you”, and the circle means that embrace the customers with love.

OneFourThree segment are students, event organizer, and worker/employee. Students are main target, they are have so many activities that needed service such as school gathering, school performing art, school farewell, etc. From the worker/employee, most of them have a club that sharing their hobby for refreshing from their job, and not a few who want a uniform to show his club.

OneFourThree has four value proposition, high quality, no minimum order, competitive price, and free design. Shirt are really comfortable to wear in every activities, the fabric also very long lasting. There are no minimun order, even if they want to costum one shirt can provide without any conditions. The customers can put any design in their shirt without any additional price, OneFourThree realizing their design without costing any extra money.

In OneFourThree web site you must have an account first to buy products. The account making is free for all the customers, you just need to input a valid data for later on can process the order easily. Your data also saved in server so nobody can not steal your data so your data  save with us.

OneFourThree have two main channels to selling the products. The first one is through media social, it is the easiest and fastest way to reach customers. The second one is through web site. OneFourThree customers can directly go to website, in the web site they can see about products, promo, and they can submit their design in web site or choose design for them to buy.

OneFourThree have three pertners for the business. Supplier polos is for the cloth supply, the cloths itself have various type of cloth to fulfill customers needs. For the next partner is poliflex supplier, poliflex is the material that OneFourThree use to make the design. OneFourThree have to kind of printing method the first one is screen printing and the other one is digital printing. The ink supplier is for the digital printing purpose because ink needed to do the digital printing.

OneFourThree main activity is selling cloth, beside that OneFourThree has other activities to support the selling of the cloth. Promotion is very crucial for the business development. With promotion OneFourThree can share about business to potential buyers, and give some introduction about OneFourThree business so business can be known by everyone. Next is designing, customers is only give us the raw concept about their cloth and it is job to realize the design to put in they cloths.

The resources for this business are employee, design, and customers. Employee have an important role for this business, they jobs is giving a good services for customers and also in the production site. OneFourThree put customers in resources because most of the selling is based on customers design.

OneFourThree cost structure are production, marketing, equipment, and other expenses. Equipments are needing electricity to run so the electricity very important with this business for the production. OneFourThree keep to do a promotion in every month to make business survive in the market. Equipment that explained in table 2.1, and the last is operating expense for the operation purpose.

OneFourThree has done market research regarding the price and concept of this business. This research market involve 67 respondents around jabodetabek area. 77,4% of them still does not know, this segmentation including students, college students, employee, and entrepreneur, 73,1% of them are college students and 64.1% are interested in costum-able cloths. OneFourThree also including the range of price that they are willing to pay for buying a cloth. There are 29.9% willing to pay both Rp100,000 – 200,000 and more than Rp400,000.

The main target of OneFourThree are students or college students who still don’t make their own income, and the big target is the students who held an event. They usually order a cloths in the big amount but still want the low price to save their budget.

OneFourThree focusing on the quality and the accuracy of the product. OneFourThree want customers to feel secure and satisfied when they ordering some cloths to us, so OneFourThree can get the customers trust and make they want to repeat order to us.

For now OneFourThree still focusing on selling custom cloths, but also provide some design that bring brand’s name. OneFourThree give customers a freedom to make their own cloth. In few years OneFourThree hope to expand market by selling jacket, hat, jersey, and some other fashion goods that can be custom-able.

OneFourThree decide that the place is not necessarily strategic but in the low budget to adjust budget, but still can be found by people around, because selling is still concentrate in online and use the place as production’s place. OneFourThree place also surround by schools, the students can come around to OneFourThree store to buy some cloths.

Promotion is most important part of marketing. OneFourThree has many competitor with many kind of uniqeness, so the promotion is a big work for to do. With the target market that aimied, OneFourThree  focus on two aspect of promotion, such as social media and advertisment.

Social media that OneFourThree aiming is Instagram, see the usage of instagram in the middle age young is still growing fast and nowadays instagram is used by people not only for socialize but also doing business. OneFourThree also do some advertisment in facebook, line, and whatsapp because is the most used social media in Indonesia

Advertising is one form of promotion that is done in order to expand sales In the form of promotion, make some things as follows: Brochures is used to explaning what product with the price list to customers. It is very helpful for the new customers who want to know more about product. Banner is really helpful to attract new customers. With banner OneFourThree can tell everybody out promo that held or about something new that are going to sell. It is really effective for business to sell more of products.

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