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Business Profile: InAdventour Organizer

InAdventour Organizer is tourism company which focusing on adventure travel concept. InAdventour open the adventure tour service for personal or group to provide best experience and challenging travels. InAdventour Organizer adopt an open trip type of travel, it means the customer  sharing the cost so there no minimum quota of participants when InAdventour Organizer do activities. For making the differentiation with other competitors, InAdventour just provide adventure tours package. For people who love challenge and adventure, InAdventour can help them to fulfill their hobby by InAdventour Organizer package.

InAdventour Organizer is a company that specialist of adventure type of travel with the best quality of service. The service that given to customer is adjusted with tour package only. The facilities that given to the customer as accommodation (transportation), homestay, food and beverage, guide or tour leader, safety, and other facilities are prepared depends to the condition and requests of customers. The tour package serves a tour such as camping, mountain climbing, trekking, caving tours, snorkeling, diving, and river rafting.

The tourism industry in Indonesia has huge potential. Indonesia have many island and mountains to explore. Nowadays there are so many businesses in the field of tour and travel business, however, only few of them have adventure tours in their package. Therefore, InAdventour take the opportunity and try to build best adventure travel in Indonesia.

InAdventour Organizer adopt the concept of hiking to make this business focused on adventure style tours. The customer  get new experience about amazing nature beauty and diverse cultures of Indonesia, camping on the wild of nature and meet new people from different regions. InAdventour Organizer also make a website and social media to attract and facilitate the customer, for the detail information about InAdventour, the customer can find it on the website or social media. The service planning is very important for the good being of the company, considering InAdventour Organizer sell the service, for the cost of goods InAdventour Organizer use sharing cost concept

There is the differentiation InAdventour with others:

  1. InAdventour makes new destination that no one of the competitors have same destination.
  2. InAdventour make a simple website and have complete information about reservation and company itself.
  3. InAdventour only serves adventure or challenge tour type.
  4. InAdventour have several payment method that make customer comfortable and easy to do the transaction.
  5. InAdventour use backpacker style and sharing cost to give lower price to customer.
  6. InAdventour using open trip system, so there no minimum quota of participant.
  7. InAdventour give bonuses to loyal customer, for example discount up to 50% (based on terms and conditions apply).
  8. InAdventour give merchandise to customer for make customer always remember InAdventour Organizer service.

Move on Tourism Industry Business, InAdventour needs to have several key partners. The several key partners that InAdventour needs are local people that InAdventour Organizer can hire as tour leader, supplier agencies (car rentals, homestay, hotel, camping tools, food and beverages), website operators, bank, local government, hospital. With this key partner, InAdventour can open the business and run it.

The value that InAdventour Organizer provide in InAdventour is InAdventour Organizer deliver the adventure tour experience with best service and affordable price. InAdventour treat customer nicely with fast response customer service, provide the good manner and best service also discount for the loyal customer. InAdventour Customer segment is young traveller in the age range between 18 – 35 years old who like adventures and challenges as a hobby. To make InAdventour Organizer brand well known, InAdventour use online marketing such as social media, website and advertisement. While, for offline marketing, InAdventour Organizer use the brochure to attract the customer.

There  four aspects of segmentation in InAdventour Organizer which are as follows:

  1. Demographics

InAdventour target market is focusing on people who like adventure and challenge at the age of 18 to 35 years old where most of them are at the productive age. This age is also considered as the best age to travel. The classes target is the middle-low class because the price of InAdventour Organizer package is affordable price. As InAdventour Organizer know, in this era it is simple to access the ticket for travelling whether by flight or train. Backpackers or travellers are mostly young people because they are having many free times where they also curious to find new experiences. By this segment, particularly for somebody who have an occupation or daily activities that make them saturated and definitely need refreshing, with joining the tour and utilize the tour organizer can help the customer to solve their saturated.

  • Geographics

InAdventour Organizer is mainly focused on Indonesia. With a large number of population exceed 200 million citizens. Because the market is very big and still have many destinations that have not touched, Indonesia is very suitable for open tour organizer business.

  • Physiographic

Like as stated in chapter III, InAdventour product features and price is suitable for middle-low class segment, it is because InAdventour gives the product with reasonable price and affordable for middle-low class economic level.

  • Behavior

Behavior segmentation is attitudes and customer response towards products.  For now, travelling has become a lifestyle for everyone, day by day  show up a new travel destination and this effect  make someone feel curious to visit these destinations (Kartajaya, 2017). Not all people have time to prepare their need for travel, the restricted of time make they lazy to prepare travel by themselves. This makes opportunity for InAdventour to help them to prepare their travel with reasonable price and excellent services.

Just provide adventure travel. InAdventour just provides adventure or challenge tour package, normal package is not in InAdventour Organizer package. With that, the customer who use InAdventour Organizer package is looking for challenge. The package InAdventour Organizer provide such as: river rafting, diving, trekking through the lush jungles, living on a boat, surfing, or witnessing the sunrise over the mountain.

Experienced Staff. InAdventour provides experienced staff in every area. Especially InAdventour Organizer tour guide, the selected tour guide should be to able guide in exciting way and material presented is relevant to the current state. InAdventour Organizer tour guide also need have experience in every situation, such as customer got injured in activities and they can handle that problem.

Buyer Behavior. There are several factors that can affect the customer make a decision to buy InAdventour Organizer product. First is information, without information people  do not know about travel. Travelling is one of lifestyle that people have. The majority of people from low to upper class happy to visit new destination for them such as beach, mountains, waterfalls, and destination that they have not visited before. With that, they need to spend money on it. The pricing of the package is important to make the customer look at InAdventour Organizer product and interest on it. Other than that, the service that they looking also good service with the best price. So InAdventour  try to give them best service with affordable price and experiences.

There are several key activities for promotion, which are follows:

  1. Word of mouth

By maintaining the best quality of every service, it is possible for customers to spread the good news about InAdventour Organizer to their friends and family.

  • Online marketing

InAdventour  create a website that provides InAdventour Organizer information.

  • Paid promote

Basically this method is similar with social media advertisement, however the duration is not for a month. Twitter and Instagram are offering these types of advertising where popular online shop account or popular people with many followers  promote the product through posting on social media. The payment are varies depend on the package itself. Other paid promote can be the online advertisement where some popular websites offering a space to do advertising.

  • Place

InAdventour Organizer  open small office for the staff do some meeting or gather the process of reservation. Because now people like instant way, InAdventour Organizer do not open InAdventour Organizer store and just using online method. 

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