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Business Profile: Kawan Jalan

KawanJalan is a digital startup company which create new concept on torism business sector in Indonesia. The service create to all people can go every destination in Indonesia. KawanJalan pleasure to solve a lot of problems such as for people without much budget to go or people don’t have friends to go. For another problem that solved is helping local guides and local businesses to get more customers. There is a trend that is many travelers competing each other to exist or upload their photos to social media. This occurs due to the digital and social media becoming a trend. Indonesia has interesting destination also Instagram able.

Since KawanJalan comes with the solution, the company  prepare the guide to create the nice trip and also suitable for the budget. A strong relationship between KawanJalan, local guides, and customer is the key to build a great cooperation in Indonesia which  result the big impact of the stronger brand in Indonesia.

The concept of KawanJalan is to help everyone easier to go to dream destination and good price. The customer  get the amazing and new sensation. The friendly guide  make happiest the customer on the trip.

KawanJalan has an Instagram and website also  attract the people to order the trip. For more information about the package trip, the customer can found that on Website or Instagram also ask the Customer Service using live chat.

KawanJalan is mainly focused on Indonesia nice destination area because this area very unique and have has its own charm. Besides that, Indonesia becomes the famous destination for traveler because of the view in the trip destination and the team. KawanJalan is a tourism digital company with the suitable destination area that’s know by all people in Indonesia even the world. 

There is main target market based on demographic segmentation. Traveler is the one target people at the age 15 to 40 are segmentation who love have a trip and they want to have more experiences. KawanJalan comes with a solution, with join KawanJalan trip they  have the experience that unforgettable. They also do not need to spend much money because KawanJalan have low-cost budget trip that worth it. They also  have a team along with a trip.

For the new concept of tourism business, KawanJalan is suitable for the traveler and all people because this segmentation to everyone that like holiday or adventure. According to the segmentation, to go to the destination around Indonesia, most of travelers try to looking for the trip organizer. They  look for the best offering trip. If the trip can satisfy them, they can support direct trips to social media and their friends. It’s like free advertising from satisfied people that’s already use KawanJalan. 

Travelers, either personal or groups are the target market of KawanJalan. The targets are people of about 18-40 years old, active ages. This age is also considered to be the productive age to travel while they still have personal savings. Classes that are low-cost budgets. The range targeted are the middle-low class because KawanJalan concept is the digital startup with Low-cost budget.

KawanJalan is persuade the guide to join and make trip to many destination in Indonesia, gather all guide from every part of Indonesia. Ask them to join KawanJalan and create trip at KawanJalan. KawanJalan  give Knowledge and training about creating the suitable and ecofriendly trip. After that, persuade people to using KawanJalan for looking for the tourism information, destination also trip organizer. 

KawanJalan is going to charge to guide per each person if join the trip. One person  rate at for IDR 55.000. Compared to other platforms that provide service on a website, KawanJalan still on the low price business category. This is because people can directly choose a trip based on their interests. They can only contact the guide instead of waiting for the trip to begin. In the early stages of introduction and start of operation, guides are not charged.

KawanJalan’s  use the Incubator business office from President University “SetSail BizAccel” at Cikarang. The office  use to all activities at to operation and production KawanJalan Product, conducting meeting also training guide.

Using website and mobile application, the customer  sign up and login to the KawanJalan’s page. Before go to home page customer  choose as traveler or Travel agent. After that, they can create the trip or choose the trip. The traveler can pay with transfer and the travel agent  use the KawanJalan Digital Wallet.

Facebook and Instagram are the largest social media in the world today. There are more than one billion users worldwide. KawanJalan initial target is for everyone in Indonesia and other countries. So, KawanJalan  do facebook  and Instagram advertising in that area.

Search engine optimization is a strategy for promotion that is very important for KawanJalan. KawanJalan  maximize the workings and potential of SEO. Target SEO itself  make KawanJalan brand stronger and when people want to find KawanJalan in online search, they can immediately find the website KawanJalan with ease. The power of SEO is very strong, people can immediately find KawanJalan website when they are looking for an open trip and looking for a guide.

Direct approaches are for traveler and guides. So, KawanJalan  maximize the team’s friends who like travel, backpacking and guiding. Beside the online promotion, KawanJalan also use offline promotion. Using the traditional method like flyer and spread the flyer at everywhere the founder go or by team’s friends who like travel, backpacking and guiding.

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