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DOP is coming with the photos and videos as the results of moments of clients captured. Focusing on the various event documentation starting from personal (birthdays and anniversaries), companies (gathering and seminars), and for school and campus events. DOP is going to give excellent and relevant services to the customers in order to match up with the customer’s needs. DOP are starting with the clients from connections, on how personal branding can start and gain their trust to use DOP services. By focusing on the event documentation, DOP is going to target the personal, campus, and companies’ events and make it memorable to recall back again.

Kevin Djandra is a photographer and videographer with 3 years’ experience on the field. Started in 2014, he decides to go deeper into photography field from several various candid’s of his surrounding expressions. He realized that joy and laugh could formulated through photos. Various memories could freeze and could recall back. Events is his currently focused scope, ranged from weddings, birthdays, gatherings, and seminars. Models and product photoshoot is his extra scope. With this, Kevin go alongside with his friends as the team member collaborating to run DOP into more serious field.

DOP is coming with the next level of social media (live session) and also positive social media through campaign relevant videos. For the live session, it is going to the for example, people who cannot attend the event weren’t going to miss because there live session of the event through DOP social media. Meanwhile, for the campaign relevant videos, it is to build up and empower people to use social media for greater good. Social media itself is a powerful platform for the marketing purposes.

DOP is focusing on the event documentation services given, but not to mention, it can broad into model and product photo shoot in the future. DOP is targeting on the personal customer (birthdays, weddings and anniversaries), companies (gathering, seminars, company profile videos), and to the school and campus events.

DOP is going through social media (Instagram and Websites) for the media platform to reach more potential customers and going to join the exhibition as one of the marketing strategy. The social media  the platform for potential clients and people to look for meanwhile the website platform  the media for clients to book an appointments for further consultation. On the other hand, delivering services according to the customer needs is going to done through meetings and consultations. The meetings with the clients talk about what type and how the customers want the DOP services.

DOP establishes and maintain the relationship with the customer through the brand manager that deal with clients. DOP is going with the personal communication with the customer, because DOP is going to build a long-term relationship. And are going to maintain the relation through the customer testimony and the positive social media. DOP is going with the campaign “I challenge you” in order to increase the customer engagement resulting in the both of the parties is giving the contribution.

Photo and Video services, collaboration, and marketing becomes the key point of activities of DOP later on. To gain the trust of the potential customers in the future is the first step of DOP key activities. Along the way, DOP make a strong and solid connection with the clients and even the suppliers. Second, collaboration, gaining trust from the connection, can lead into the great partnership through collaboration. This collaboration means that, DOP and the potential customers is going together and take a part in the results that ends as DOP way of campaign to raise the awareness. It  in the form of “I Challenge You” to get privileges for the next booking session or joining the give-away sessions.

Third is the marketing. Strategy on the connection and collaboration leads into the marketing indirectly, through social media to reach out potential clients and alongside with mouth to mouth marketing is proven still really effective marketing technique, as people satisfied with the results give their appreciation and recommendation to their colleagues to use the services.

The key partners of DOP are Event Organizer (weddings and birthdays), marketing communication (inside corporate / campus department), organizations (social movement and campus organizations) and rental shop. To build up a good partnership with these key groups could add DOP into their list trusted photography businesses into a long-term relation with lots of their events going.

DOP is focusing on how to capturing events and targeting on the personal customer (birthdays, weddings and anniversaries), companies (gathering, seminars, and company publication profile videos), and to the school and campus events. Not to mention the future look of DOP is going to broaden into the product and model photoshoots since digital marketing trends is uptrend in Indonesia and throughout the world.

DOP in targeting the target market more focus on the events that being organized, by business and consumer market segments. DOP start to focus on documenting the events.

In business market segments, there are corporates and school or campus that often making events, for example, gathering, seminars, school profile, corporates campaign, and corporates new product launched. This is because DOP also accept the product and model photoshoots in the future to broaden the scope in the business market segments.

Meanwhile, on the customer market segments, there are young single (that celebrates birthdays), soon to married (pre-weddings occasion), married couple (wedding day), and family with children’s (anniversaries or family gathering)

Using Integrated Marketing Communication as the base, DOP strategy of marketing use the:

  1. Word of mouth marketing, through references from clients / customers that already use the DOP services.
  2. Interactive marketing, through positive campaign of social media to encourage people to use their social media positively as social media has a strong influence on people mindset.
  3. Advertising, through online (Instagram, websites, live sessions) and offline platforms.
  4. Event & experiences, through joining events exhibition and portfolio.
  5. Direct marketing, through joining bride fair in an exhibition.
  6. Sales promotion, through discounts or give-away sessions by joining the DOP campaign.

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