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Business Profile: Chubby Chic Studio

Chubby Chic Studio is a business engaged in the rental of photo studios. This idea is inspired by the owner’s passion with the photography world where the owner is not moving behind the camera but in front of the camera and his interest in decoration and direct of photographic. The name “Chubby Chic” comes from the depiction of the chubby-faced owner and the chic photo studio. Chubby Chic Studio photo studio has several concepts that can be tailored to customer needs.

Business Plan are made as constructive planning to attain several purpose of this business industry. Business plan elucidate a business description, objective and purpose, target market, and including strategy to achieve the objection. The purpose of this Business Plan as consideration to open photo studio and knowing the opportunities of photography business. The main purpose of this Business Plan is to fulfill the requirement to complete my education in President University. The nature of business of Chubby Chic Studio is a photo studio rental and photo studio package service. Studio photo leased has several concepts that adjusted to customer needs

Nowadays people love to capture the moment with dear people. Start from photos with your partner, family and friends or personal photo collection. People always look for different concepts or themes in each photo, either Indoor or Outdoor. Chubby Chic Studio prepares a professional studio for Photographer and videographer with several concepts. Chubby Chic Studio have 1 studio flexible decoration and 1 decorated studio. Each studio is supported with professional lighting and decoration. For studio decoration Chubby Chic Studio provide 2 concepts, that is, Living Room, and Bathroom.

Not only studio rentals, Chubby Chic Studio also have studio rental packages with Photographer. So if the client request / required photographer in their project, several options offered would provide selection/ professional photographer. For package with photographer, charge per session (time according to customer requirement). For studio rental packages charged per 3 hours. Cost and time of rental can adjusted if the client has its own needs.

Chubby ’s name has a philosophy of owner who has a plus-size body, while Chic has the meaning of depiction of someone who has a fashionable style in the fashion world.

When Chubby Chic Studio has been called for book. Several packages would offer as the client’s request / needs. When the date and needs are shuttled and Chubby Chic Studio crew prepare for the photo session. During the photo session, every equipment would considering as client’s responsible. Photo session had to done according to the agreement duration. In the rough data would given to editor and would retouch before printing session. Last session would printing session and all data would given to the clients printed and burned.        

Chubby Chic Studio requires cooperation with Photographer community, Models Agency, and Advertising Agency in order to gain the opportunity to gain a broader target market by building trust with external parties and satisfying service of building brand. 

With some concepts Chubby Chic Studio provide, Chubby Chic Studio need an Interior Design to set the decor and maximize the concept that in use. One partner that is not less important is the Vendor of the property that use, because it relates to the concept that used so that Chubby Chic Studio want to get the ease of finding the desired property.

Half of the capital is used for the provision of professional technology support such as professional cameras, lighting, specific computer specifications and other facilities. In addition, the capital used to buy thematic studio properties that support the results of good photos. Office needs that employees can access. The biggest cost is renting a building. Chubby Chic Studio’s revenue stream comes mostly from the rental of two photo studios with each theme and a complete photo package with the photographers, editors, and prints Chubby Chic Studio provide for clients.

Chubby Chic Studio is the studio of photography in unique and innovative concepts. Chubby Chic Studio provide 2 differences of photo studio types. The first studio, Chubby Chic Studio give 2 different concepts in every corner of the room. The first theme is the living room; this theme give the impression of homiest in every photo. The second theme is Bathroom; this theme give unique experience/ sensation to your photo shoot session.

The second studio is a flexible decorated studio. This studio has no specific theme. Studio can decorated according to client request. Not only that, Chubby Chic Studio provide “Green Screen” technology to add more choice for customer and give them provide experience for the client to have a photo background wherever and whenever, for example when the client wants to take pictures in winter weather, Chubby Chic Studio use green screen technology to meet the wishes of the client. Not just rental of photo studios, Chubby Chic Studio also provides studio and photographer packages. this package includes photo editing and printing

The price Chubby Chic Studio offer to the client is divided into 2 differences options, there is studio only and photo package, of course with different prices. Studio rentals only Chubby Chic Studio charge a fee of Rp.500.000 / 3 hours’ price does not include additional decoration, Chubby Chic Studio only provide back screen and lighting and some property. For flexible decoration studio, while for the concept studio cost Rp.500.000 / 3 hours. While the extended time fee is charged Rp.100.000 / hours.                  

n addition, Chubby Chic Studio also provide studio packages, photographers and edits at a price of Rp 2.000.000 / Session for studio flexible decoration and Rp 2.500.000 / Session for thematic studio. Session depends on client needs. In the package, the client get the services of professional photographers, studio rental, photo CDs, and photos that have been edited as much as 2 photos size 24 R, 5 photographs size 4 R and 3 10R sized photographs.

Promotion is one part of a series of marketing activities of a business. The purpose of the promotional activity itself is to influence a consumer in making decision to increase sales volume. Social media the place for Chubby Chic Studio promotion. Chubby Chic Studio use Instagram app as Chubby Chic Studio studio portfolio. so the client can see the credibility of Chubby Chic Studio. 

Social media can also Chubby Chic Studio container to introduce Chubby Chic Studio to the wider community. People can also view Chubby Chic Studio profile through the website Chubby Chic Studio provide. Later Chubby Chic Studio provide complete information about Chubby Chic Studio, including location, pricelist and photo collection conducted at Chubby Chic Studio. 

Chubby Chic Studio also maintain a relationship with the client with the membership program, where the members get free 1 hour extend time after the fifth transaction. Not only that Chubby Chic Studio also hold giveaway in every seasonal, for example mother’s day, valentine, Christmas, women’s day, etc.

Chubby Chic Studio starters chose the store house as a photo studio. Chubby Chic Studio store house is located in Summarecon Bekasi. This area is located in Bekasi Barat and close to access exit Tol Bekasi Barat. Now the area is equipped with luxury housing, Mall Summarecon Bekasi, famous private schools, as well as other entertainment facilities. In the future, Summarecon present some of the top universities, and of course the luxurious apartments that are in the stage of workmanship. This location is very easy to access from any area because it is located in the middle of the city Bekasi.

Customers who have made reservations in advance through contact person / email can come directly to Chubby Chic Studio studio. The customer transferred to the selected studio and have a photo session. After finished the photo session, the photo enter the editing phase which done at the maximum 5 days. After the edit, the photo printed according to the available package. Customer can receive photo result within 1 week Chubby Chic Studio make sure client receive the photo with satisfactory result.

Chubby Chic Studio are sure Chubby Chic Studio crew behavior make Chubby Chic Studio customers feel comfortable with Chubby Chic Studio customers feel comfortable with Chubby Chic Studio service. Customer convenience is the key to Chubby Chic Studio business. Make comfort with friendliness in establishing relationship between us and customer. Chubby Chic Studio build a team that committed in doing this business. With professional people in their field Chubby Chic Studio try to maximize service.

Chubby Chic Studio Studio is equipped with 3 floors which each floor has 1 bathroom and dressing room. first floor there is receptionist, lounge area, and pantry. second floor there is studio 1 themed studio and third floor there is studio flexible decoration Not only that Chubby Chic Studio studio is also equipped with a comfortable waiting room and Chubby Chic Studio provide Wi-Fi. Chubby Chic Studio provide pantry that can accessed by clients and employees. Chubby Chic Studio location is also equipped with a large parking lot and on guard by the security guard.

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