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Business Profile: iTransport

There are many things that become a problem for most people in meeting  secondary needs which is currently a priority requirement in everyday life, one of  them is the problem of having a private transportation, especially four-wheeled  vehicles. There are many reasons why people need personal transportation, but they  can’t. Some reasons such as the budget, don’t have sufficient time and cost to treat  the car every day, weekly, monthly and yearly. Administration issues are particularly  complex and not small administrative costs. 

iTransport Rent A Car strives to fulfill and be a solution to these problems.  Since its establishment from 2014 it started from 1 fleet to have 5 fleets at the end  of 2018 and located in Green Market Jababeka, Cikarang. The initial purpose of the  company was established because of the many requests for car rentals and each year  it continued to increase. iTransport Rent A Car pleasure to solve a lot of problems  with Fast, high-quality, and economic rent cars. iTransport Rent A Car is an  alternative and customer choice with many solutions and providing the best service  for customer satisfaction. 

iTransport Rent Car believes that being a company that can be a solution for  each customer in accordance with the vision and mission of the company hopes  customers feel comfortable like having a private vehicle without spending a large  budget and thinking about the problems people have experienced so far. A strong relationship between iTransport Rent Car Company, Employees, and customers to  build a great cooperation that continues to grow to open many branches and many  partners with various companies in Indonesia which  result in the big impact of  the stronger brand in Indonesia.

ITransport vision is to become the leading brand in the car rental industry and to  have the widest network of branches in Indonesia. It would be iTransport earnest endeavour  to continuously improve iTransport products and services by means of innovation,  following up customer feedback and self-evaluation involve employees in the  performance analysis and work and career objectives.  

The concept of iTransport Rent A Car is to help everyone easier to get a  vehicle, especially 4 wheels, to travel to the desired destination freely and at an  affordable price. iTransport Rent A Car provides emergency calls that  help  customers and potential customers to ask and get all information, especially  information on fleet availability of the car quickly. People can order it from LINE,  Whatsapp, Phone (call and sms), Facebook, and Google (maps and several  information). iTransport Rent A Car provide drivers or iTransport Rent A Car can  send the car to home or office in 24/7 if customer rent for non-drivers. iTransport  Rent A Car have many types of cars, several service like airport transfers, pick and  drop, driving courses and delivery goods. iTransport Rent A Car have many payment  options and another special service. iTransport Rent A Car always ensure that the  vehicle rented is in a healthy, clean and equipped with unproblematic car documents.

iTransport Rent A Car is mainly focused on urban area because the demand in this area very high that keep increasing every year and  more stable. iTransport Rent A Car is car rental company with the  variety choice that’s known by all people around.  

Based on demographic segmentation iTransport target market traveler or people who wants to travel, employee who need multi propose vehicle, Entrepreneur who want their transportation to be covered all  in and standby for 24/7 to run their activity or business, most student not eligible to buy a car even student need a car to process their work  or project and activity, and most company or office need transportation  to facilitate their employee and their guest. iTransport Rent A Car comes with a solution, iTransport Rent A Car open for 24/7 and the car ready with driver and non-driver. All cars insured with all risk insurance and iTransport cars also get repair and maintenance regularly.  

Based on google maps iTransport Rent A Car get 4.8 stars from the reviews, that means the market are welcome. Based on track record 80% of the customers  come back to rent a car again. According to the segmentation, students and employees find the  cheapest car rental and easy approval, iTransport Rent A Car with  ready data-based system that makes approval makes faster and also  competitive price. Entrepreneur and traveler need comfortable and  convenient car rental that has insurance, partnered with several repair  shop, and 24/7 customer service.

iTransport Rent A Car  continue to add the latest fleet with different types of  cars so that customers get many choices. iTransport Rent A Car always provides  additional facilities to create more value for the car and the company. 2. Pricing  

iTransport Rent A Car  always increase its promotional activities to attract  customers’ attention by creating websites, social media, brochures, and  promotions. iTransport Rent A Car is also fast in carrying out orders because it  has extensive data. booking can be done online or to the location to see the fleet  directly. 

iTransport Rent A Car is in a strategic location located in the industrial and  educational city center. This location makes its own strength for marketing  strategies to be easily accessible to consumers and prospective consumers. Extra  services facilitated by iTransport Rent A Car are sending cars to locations that  customers want such as offices and customers’ homes.

Facebook and Instagram are the largest social media in the world today.  There are more than one billion users worldwide. ITransport initial target is for everyone  in radius 10KM. So, iTransport Rent A Car  do Facebook and Instagram  advertising in that area. Search engine optimization is a strategy for promotion that is very important  for iTransport Rent A Car. iTransport Rent A Car  maximize the workings and  potential of SEO. Target SEO itself  make iTransport Rent A Car brand stronger  and when people want to find iTransport Rent A Car in online search, the customer  can immediately find the website iTransport Rent A Car with ease. The power of SEO is very strong, people can immediately find iTransport Rent A Car website  when the customer are looking for a car rental. Beside the online promotion, iTransport Rent A Car also use offline  promotion. Using the traditional method like spreading flyer and brochure. iTransport Rent A Car chooses a place with a large parking capacity. Providing  waiting rooms equipped with wifi, drinks and snacks.

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