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Business Profile: My Kost

Mykost is a platform for people finding indekos through website and its perfect combination of technology and accommodation where people could easily rent or find their desire indekos.   Nowadays, digital platform is becoming trend and being one of the biggest growth industry in Indonesia. Mykost is running a business in digital platform in accommodation sector to help people to find their indekos without door to door to find it. Just searching on the website  help them to find it without draining energy.

Mykost is an online market platform for producer (indekos’s owner) to listing their available indekos for rent and guest to find property easily. With several of filters, you could find the dream rented indekos at any places. Only login with email, you could access this website and find the indekos you wanted. Just type the location you want and you  see the indekos location nearby. Mykost provide information about rooms, complete with indekos facilities, the price of indekos, along with photos and room decoration and room design adapted to the actual conditions. Each listing indekos in Mykost is  visited by us, Mykost  do verify, selection and Mykost take immediate data, including indekos registered by the owner. Information indekos room availability and price in the website, Mykost update every 3 weeks to ensure Mykost indekos information is accurate and useful for guest. Data in Mykost only covers area Jabodetabek area and soon it  be covers all over Indonesia. You could add or edit the indekos you have into Mykost website. With the development of Information Technology today, it helps to develop this platform. Moreover, with the largest of guests and producer  develop this platform to next level.

The guest could search at indekos with their budget based on the price range. Moreover, not like any other competitors, Mykost using Google Street for facilitate and give a visual real condition in the environment where they  search for indekos.  Mykost has a strong business model in marketing, which is the company  give the commission for people who put the indekos data in Mykost website. Mykost doing this because Mykost want to take the advantage of existed resources which are people who want to side job by advertise someone’s indekos in Mykost system and to make many indekos listing in Mykost website.

The founder of Mykost is Adi Gunawan. He is an undergraduate student from President University, majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Business. He is an optimistic and energetic young man. He started at his professional internship in accommodation sector. His first internship was in Metro Hotel Jababeka and continues his second internship at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia. He had goal to become an entrepreneur when he was at university and had a dream to make a differences in his own country. The development of technology has been as quite promising business for him. The idea of making Mykost was started when he thought creating a business that he saw every day in his life. At that moment, his family had indekos and saw many of people came to his house to look if there was available room to rent. This is where the ideas came from to make it easier for people to find indekos.

Demographics. There are three target market of Mykost based on demographic segmentation. The people in the aged of 17-35 years old whose have the biggest potential market and also have a big concern about to have their own space. 

  1. Employee 

People who are very far from home to go to work that need temporary stay during the weekdays.

  • University Students

Group of people who need a closer accommodation to get to university for educational purpose 

  • Newly married couple 

Married couple who don’t have place to live after they get married or just a temporary stay before moving out to their house

Mykost target market is focusing on employee, university student and  newly married couple at the age of 17 to 35 where most of them are looking temporary stay that is less expensive but also comfortable. The company positioned itself in the market to offer cheap accommodation to meet the customer’s expectation. Mykost  give the information about the room to ensure what guests’ needs, and there  be the detail location with Google street view to make guest find it easier. Positioning of Mykost is consists of five points of differentiation which are:

  1. Find a room based on your budget with price range filter
  2. Catchy display of website and easy to use
  3. Google street view, you could see the surrounding of your indekos area
  4. Quick respond, just contact the indekos owner and deal

Mykost is focusing on a less expensive rent indekos. It’s what people need mostly. In this website you could find a indekos based on your budget, just set the range of price based on your budget and find the nearest location you desire. Not any other platform, in Mykost you may see a location with a Google map plus Google street view. The visual of the website is one of the positioning with clear photos plus the design, template, complete information and up to date information make this website is worth to try.

Quality Control

These are three types of control in production process of Mykost:

  1. System Control 

A system in website is very crucial because it’s only Mykost prototype. The website should be responsive in every single device that opens the website. 

  • Security Control

The data in Mykost website is very valuable. Every single data Mykost put in Mykost website, Mykost do backup just in case Mykost lose all. Mykost saved in control panel in the system. 

  • Feedback Control
  • Mykost receive a feedback from Mykost users (guess and indekos owner to give us a feedback for Mykost development in the near future.

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