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Business Profile: Duitpedia

Duitpedia is a Financial Consultant company especially in personal financial planning. Financial planning is a rapidly growing service industry due to the rising economic status of middle-to-upper class citizens in which many of them still have minimum knowledge in managing their money. First, Duitpedia provide website which promotes provides education regarding financial planning and investment. Second, Duitpedia open consultation for individuals and last Duitpedia provide talk shows and seminars.

Duitpedia is financial service company which provide personal financial planner to individual or corporate. Duitpedia solve a lot of problem such as how to manage personal wealth, create personal risk management, investing money etc. This becomes important because bad management of wealth can lead to overspending which could results in debts and other financial problems.

Duitpedia comes with the solution, which Duitpedia system that develop in Financial Planning Standard Board help people to manage their wealth, and Duitpedia financial planner help them to control, plan and create solutions for their financial problem. A good relationship between Duitpedia financial planner and client can make Duitpedia service better and Duitpedia can make people more educated in planning their money.

Duitpedia need a few key partners, which need aid monetary planner, website designer (outsourcing) and other supports. Principal money related organizer which give fiscal administration with customer, furthermore help them to control their cash flows. Second, customers come not just Duitpedia customer but also as Duitpedia advertising to promote Duitpedia industry by providing good services in administration which provide better client experience. Third, website designer assist in monitoring Duitpedia website which there huge numbers of articles regarding finance and another which assist in managing Duitpedia administration and direct service to the customer.

Duitpedia focus on creating exercises, providing customer support, and managing future classes. The website the main place for Duitpedia to promote to the customer, especially budgeting administration. The main focus of the company the approach to the customers, where the staff assess and determine the quality of the client’s financial background. Regarding the class, the clients required to contribute some amount of money to fund some facilities such as basic class demonstrations. 

Duitpedia promote 3 main values, which are cost reduction, relation establishment and cost management. Duitpedia’s purpose is to effectivize individual’s personal cost. The main focus of the company to promote the company to the market. In order to do that, Duitpedia’re incentivize the employees especially the monetary organizer to not only effectively serve the customer but also to attract more customer to join the service, understanding that new relations on account of connection is extremely critical to fiscal administration startup such as Duitpedia. The most recent quality proposition cost. Duitpedia needs to position itself so it able to overcome the competition in the market. 

Duitpedia have two client association frameworks. Primarily, they done by organization to individual framework. On early stage, it done by approaching customers on early stages of financial planning, providing solutions and articles in the websites regarding basic monetary and administration issues to accommodate the needs of the customers. Second approach by accommodating further complex budgetary issues by the customers. 

Duitpedia aims to target individuals with incomes that falls into the middle-to-lower-class category. First, for the lower-class category Duitpedia provide consultation through website and email which are free but can be upgraded with direct chat through the premium account. Secondly, for the middle-class people Duitpedia provide face to face service which give more benefit to the clients since they can directly communicate regarding their problems.

Duitpedia is a startup monetary administration startup. Meaning, it require several amounts of proper budget and asset organizer, equipped with the basic managerial techniques. Without the budgetary organizer, Duitpedia not be able to give the proper service to the customer especially without the proper infrastructure.

Demographic. There would two fundamental focus showcase dependent upon demographic segmentation. New employee. People with age 21 to 28 is segmentation who have a problem to manage their money because in that age their outcome excess their income. So, Duitpedia comes with a solution, that they can open Duitpedia web and analyze their income and outcome and make investment planning. New family. Many new family have financial problem because they don’t know how to manage their money, and new problem can increase if they already have new baby. So, Duitpedia help them with financial service to help them save their money for their future with their family.

Geographic. Duitpedia concentrated in Jabodetabek territory. As a result, this territory need a considerable amount of offices and generally establish a headquarter of the organization which require a number of workers to be stationed there. Thus, Jabodetabek also requires a large number of feasibilities to fund the organization in order to run well. Duitpedia the initial funding for higher startup stocks so the Jabodetabek range may be very appropriate as most of the relatives in the region are officially aware of the alternatives to understand the advanced stages

Psychographics. Since it provides new idea in finance, Duitpedia is most suitable for students, new graduates, and representative especially the people in this segmentation oftenly find trouble in finding what they need economically.

Behavior. As stated by the segmentation, new graduates especially young people tend to open to new platforms. They attempt to utilize every advanced method especially things that might help them to achieve such an extent. In the stage Duitpedia assist them to manage their money, they can go directly to their online networking to further develop their network.

Positioning. Duitpedia’s main target is to focus on students, employees and new families at the age of 18 to 36 where most of them already have income to manage. Some of them maybe have financial problem which is having more outcome than income. It is different with people who have an age above 36 which already have more financial education from their experience. 

Duitpedia comes to help people with low skill in finance to get better skill in financial. Positioning of Duitpedia consists of 4 parts of differentiation which are:

1.         The new idea of finance service in Indonesia.

2.         Free to new member to try Duitpedia service

3.         Help people to manage their money easily.

4.         Help people to invest their money based their need.

Duitpedia is making a web to be used by Clients. Duitpedia use Qualify Wealth Planner platform in the website so it could be easier for clients to manage their money. In this website Duitpedia provide articles to help them manage their money and Duitpedia also provide Q&A so they can directly ask us to help them solve their financial problem. Duitpedia also give seminar in campus and others events. And also Duitpedia provide direct approach to client with Duitpedia financial planning agent.

Duitpedia is setting off by charging customer for premium administration. In particular cases, clients can be charged for Rp. 50.000 to get full entry. Contrasting with other stage where gatherings requires administration fee to enter a website, Duitpedia started at a low price. It is because the customer can specifically utilize the QWP app easily. They could directly contact the budgetary agents to assist them around monetary issues where they charged with separate expense.

Duitpedia’s office set in South Jakarta since it is approximately close to Central Jakarta, thus it give easier access to meet with the customer since usually the customer company’s offices are placed in Central Jakarta. The office utilized to hold meetings for customers of Duitpedia.

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