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Business Profile: ÉCLAT

Éclat is a photography business that focuses in capturing people or other objects to make them special, and feel like stars. The products are exclusive photo-story album, which are collective photo captioned with words of story. It is necessary of Éclat’s photos to be printed with durable quality since the product contains story and memory that could be a precious and priceless heritage. The photo projects are custom made and involving customers in the production process, but still revered to the standard applied by company. Éclat Photosory is made to give the taste of being a star to its customers.

Éclat is made from the idea of Sania Sindy Hagana Br Sembiring, as the founder. The other special things about Éclat beside its service in photography is the studio location that in one with a café. Éclat give friendly end cozy environment to prevent the image of “boring” and “tensed” studio. Éclat sets and offers various photo-story packages as standard guide for customers in choosing the service as their need. It’s true that Éclat serve indiscriminately, but to preserve the quality and exclusive value Éclat only accepts limited projects each month.

Éclat office and studio located in Medan, North Sumatera. To run the business, Éclat has office’s equipment and production’s equipment that  prepared before the launching of Éclat using capital money from owner’s equity and from the loan.

            Human resources of Éclat are peoples who  involve in marketing, production, and office. At its beginning time, Éclat didn’t recruit many human resources, so there is no manager or workers in the divisions. All human resources are directly lead by the owner for its beginning time until the business is settled.

Éclat is founded by Sania Sindy Hagana Br Sembiring that majored in Business Administration in President University. Grow in family that running business made Sania realizes the pleasure of running own business. Make living and serve others while doing what she loves, is her big dream. Opening business is the best way in her mind to be able to do several good things in once including opening more jobs, help the growth of national economy, and helping other.

There are many businesses idea that comes to mind. The idea to open Éclat comes from the desire to treat everyone better and preciously and desire to help people shine. That desire combined with the loves of photo that has attached in Sania since she was kid, as her parents also in photography business. Sania tries to share the value through Éclat’s product. Sania also sees opportunity in current trend to open photography business and believes that the service she offers would be well accepted.

Éclat photography concept is different with other photography business in Medan. Éclat values customer’s personal value and prestige. Accentuate customers’ potential as photo concept and including customer’s thought  show how Éclat values its customers. Éclat’s marketing strategy is about making customers as star. The way how Éclat treat its customers is really important for its marketing, so Éclat treat customers preciously and provide several entertainments as the part of its service. Make the business not only as a photography business but also leisure business.

Image and relation is an important role in Éclat’s marketing strategy. Éclat  build friendly and elegant image through website and social media and also communicate through it to maintain relation. Sponsoring school/campus event  another way to meet potential customers directly and show how close Éclat with its customers is.

By the geographic, Medan is a good location for the business as it is the capital city of North Sumatera and has the largest population between the major cities in North Sumatera. There also many cities around Medan that has high correlation with the city. So there is a great opportunity for Éclat to open the business in Medan city. More specifically, Éclat  located in Jl. Dr. Mansyur which is the commercial center in the area and top hang out destination. It crossed with Jl. Setia Budi and both are in one of the developed districts in Medan. There are lots of cafés, restaurants, factory outlets, sports facilities, schools, university, and elite residents. Peoples around the area are likely to be prospected market.

In demographic segmentation, the market is divided into some variables such as gender, age, occupation, the size of family, income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation, nationality, and social class. As Éclat is targeting youngsters and middle-upper class, so demographically it  look at age and prosperity level.  Éclat target markets are peoples who treasure photos as the media to picture precious moments of self, families, group, and loved ones. Specifically, it targeted youth (students), young-adult, and the one in middle upper class.

Psychographic factor can be determined by lifestyle or personality and values. Customer satisfaction through excellent service with elegancy is the value Éclat wanted to offer. Éclat wants to be trend in photography service that has high standard service. Customers who seek quality and prestige are the most suitable market for Éclat.

Most people are likely to use professional photography service for special occasions especially to capture their precious moment such as graduation, wedding, etc. Customers of professional photography service tend to think it is necessary to have make-up, hair-do, costume, and accessories for photo shoot session.  Customers also tend to choose the service with competitive price. Customers like if there is some facility beside the photography studio. So with this behavior Éclat would like to offer elegant service quality with completes service. All the service delivered  fulfill customers’ needs and the money they spend  worth.

The core service of Éclat is capturing photo. Éclat  capture its customer on their best. Éclat  also provide personal assistant and supporting service such as make-up, hair-do, custom and accessories. The photos itself  presented in the special form which is photo magazine and other forms based on customers request. Éclat  apply competitive price strategy that worth the service given. There  various packages with different price provided so customer may chose the service based on their needs and budget.

Éclat  make photo session feels fun and special for each customer. Customer  treated as the “main star” and  “shine”. Customer has big involvement in the process as they may request and custom their own photo concept. All the process from booking until customers get the photo  well organized and has settled timeline.

Flow of Production

  1. Consulting, brain storming, and make a story board. Creative team  discuss with customer about the photo concept that include theme, customer’s story, and photo-shoots venue. Creative team makes a story board from the concept as the result of brain storming with customer.
  2. Preparing custom and venue. After having a story board, team should list and prepare things needed to support the theme including prepares customs and accessories, design the studio, or book a venue for outdoor photo-shoots. Custom and venue should related and match the theme chosen to express the photo-story more maximal.
  3. Capturing the moment. The photo session  conducted at the scheduled time. But before photo session, Éclat’s beauty team  dress up the star  which includes make-up and hair-do. At the same time Éclat photographer  also capture behind the scene moment, and do some interview session in between.
  4. Editing. Selected photo  edited by Éclat’s creative team. Editing process  include designing and inserting caption. Photos  formed into a story based on concept and theme.
  5. Soft copy quality control. After all the editing process, Éclat team checks to make sure the editing is suitable with the theme and there is no error made.
  6. Revising soft copy. When there are some errors or unsuitable content, soft copy  re-edited.
  7. Printing. If there is no more error, the edited photos are ready to print.
  8. Quality control for finished product. There  another checking after Eclat get the print-out. As the final result there shouldn’t be any defected product that  handled to Éclat’s customers, to fulfill customers’ satisfaction and Éclat’s quality standard. Concurrent control. Éclat  ensure the editing, printing, and packaging are done properly. Feedback Control. Éclat  give their best to deliver best product and service to its customer. After customer get the product, Éclat  keep maintain good relation and ask feedback about Éclat’s product and service, so the company can evaluate and improve the quality.
  9. Product’s recovering. If there are any defected products, it should be recovered or re-printed.
  10. Packaging. Finished product  packed safely to avoid any damage of the product while stored or while delivered to customers.

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