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Business Profile: Oh My Juice

Oh My Juice is a modern juice located at Mall Lippo Cikarang Jl. MH Thamrin. Oh My Juice provides the best quality juices, not only juicing but adding the fruit to the juice in a modern format. The purpose of establishing this business is to meet the taste needs of juice customers who want to buy contemporary juices at affordable prices and the right volume. Of course Oh My Juice is different from the others, because the juice innovation that I present also aims to get rid of boredom, ordinary fruit juice fans and switch to consuming modern juices with delicious and unique flavors and following trends or lifestyles. Oh My Juice also provides modern packaging so that it gives a new nuance to enjoying juice. In running this business, Oh My Juice introduces new products with unique tasting flavors, not inferior to well-known brands. The difference is with the original recipe using a unique variation of toppings on the juice and also the presentation of a modern packaging design. Oh My Juice sells its products at very affordable prices. So that it attracts the number of customers who buy Oh My Juice products in Cikarang.

“Stylish Healthy Drink” This means that when customers drink juice, they remember the best taste from one glass and it is very healthy because they don’t just drink the juice but eat the fruit straight from the unique packaging that Oh My Juice provides.

Oh My Juice has four keys that are believed to bring success. Among others:

1.       Original Recipes and Quality Products: Products and ingredients are natural and trendy. Oh My Juice uses natural ingredients without using artificial sweeteners.

2.       Unique packaging, attracting consumers to buy juice. because when the needs of consumers are met, they are satisfied and become loyal buyers.

3.       Modern technology: in carrying out the production process Oh My Juice uses modern and hygienic production tools.

4.       Oh My Juice employees must be honest with customers, disciplined and have a creative character and integrity.

5.       Very good and fast service: The best service is a successful way of running a business. By serving the best service, it turns into consumer loyalty. 

The demographics of OH My Juice consumers are:

·         Age:                          15-25 Years

·         Gender       : Men and Women

·         Status                       : Married and Not Married

·         Occupation              : Student, Student Employee

·         Income        : <Rp. 3,000,000 – Rp. 5,000,000

Oh My Juice businesses are located in Cikarang, especially at Mall Lippo Cikarang. Geographically, Cikarang is an industrial area with hot weather. Very high economic potential. The average community has jobs as employees and students. This is very appropriate to be Oh My Juice’s business area to reach a wide market. Oh My Juice is more towards the middle and upper middle class with a modern lifestyle. Who likes to buy drinks by looking at a certain brand. The target of Oh My Juice is students or young employees. Because in this case they really like snacking or hanging out. Usually they like to buy products that are unique and new to a trend.

Oh My Juice has a positioning as a provider of quality juice products at low prices. This strategy is needed to compete on efficiency, with superior manufacturing processes and low labor costs. This can allow a business to follow a focused strategy of charging lower prices without threats from competitors. Relative and appropriate prices are very important to make customers see Oh My Juice products and interests. Apart from that, the service they are looking for is also good service at the best price. So Oh My Juice tries to provide consumers with quality products at low prices and the best service.

Differentiation is used when offering something unique for consumers to feel so that consumers feel more or different from other products. The main point of this difference is that Oh My Juice offers a varied taste (three flavors) which is better than the production process using original recipes, fruits and natural ingredients without artificial sweeteners and also a unique design on the packaging. Using differentiation is likely the best strategy for small entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs just starting out. Due to the obvious differences between major brands it guarantees the sale of a product in a very competitive market.

Determining the right place to develop a business is very important, in assessing strategic locations and being in well-known shopping centers, so that it makes it easy for consumers to find business locations. Oh My Juice is located in a very strategic location, precisely at Mall Lippo Cikarang. Where the place is crowded with visitors every day. To promote juice products, Oh My Juice uses online marketing or via social media to reach customers. Its aim is to build a Word of Mouth among consumers. With this strategy Oh My Juice promotes and sells products without having to spend a lot of money (efficient and effective). In addition, Oh My Juice also continues to use print media marketing methods such as brochures, stickers, print advertisements.

Social media marketing is also a potential strategy for spreading advertisements. Almost people, especially in Indonesia, use social media to get their information, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Applications such as BBM, WhatsApp, and Line are used for communication systems. That is, it is easier to attract customers. Oh My Juice advertises through social media and printing media. Through social media, Oh My Juice uses Instagram. With printing media, Oh My Juice makes brochures, banners and stands to be installed in front of the shop.

WOM is the most effective and efficient way of promoting business, because based on WOM it reaches out to personal communication between individuals, which is believed to be a more reliable communicator’s opinion. Consumers are more likely to believe word of mouth than more formal forms of promotional methods; listeners tend to believe that communicators are honest and have no ulterior motive (for example, they are not paid for certain referrals).

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